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Dear 5th Graders, Parents, and Guardians,

    As you may know, each year I sponsor a Science Club here at KMS for a limited number

of 5th graders. The club meets once a month and focuses on learning about various

scientific careers and participates in extra-curricular science-focused activities.  We also

have a visiting speaker with experience in different scientific careers come to talk to the

students about various opportunities in the field of science.  This year we will have a

science club, but it will be a little different because of pandemic safety requirements. 

    First of all, applications should come out in November to be turned in before Christmas

break. There will be several announcements made before they are offered to give every-

one a fair chance to apply, (the first completed applications and requirements will be

accepted until the spots are filled). This will include an application, a short, maximum  one

page essay from the student on why they want to be in the science club, a behavior con-

tract, and the $25 fee for T-shirt and materials. There are only 16 open spots this year so

we will have social spacing.

   The club's first meeting will be in January 2021 and more information will be made

available before applications are offered. 

If you wish to call or email me with questions or comments, please feel free to call 638 -

6220, ext. 2139, or email [email protected]

I am very much looking forward to this year's Science Club.

__Becki Franklin__________

Miss Franklin                                  

KMS Science Exploration Lab

850-638-6220 Ext. 2139

[email protected]