Mission Statement  

Mission Statement
The Mission of Kate M. Smith Elementary School and the Washington County School District is to empower all students to become well educated, productive citizens by providing appropriate, high quality, and rigorous educational programs in a safe learning environment.

We believe that:
* all students can and must be successful learners.
* we must provide a positive image and organizational pride.
* the dignity and worth of each individual must be honored and respected.
* team work and communication are essential elements of a successful school system.
* our system should represent honesty and integrity and operate with open communication.
* the system should seek leadership that inspires quality management.
* the system should be customer oriented.

  About The School  

School History

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 Kate M. Smith Elementary School was named for Mrs. Kate McSwean Smith, a teacher and principal of Chipley Elementary School, whose untimely death occurred while the present elementary school was under construction. A dedication service, opening the school, was held October 25, 1954.

The twelve classrooms, office suite, faculty lounge, clinic, boiler room, and two central bathrooms were opened to public education in August 1954 and housed grades one, two, and three.  A principal and one custodian completed the original faculty and staff.

February 1956 saw the completion of nine additional classrooms, a library, and cafetorium, which permitted the remaining section of grades four and five to be moved to the new facility. The faculty and staff consisted of twenty-one academic area teachers, a music teacher, a librarian, a principal, a custodian, a lunchroom manager, and five lunchroom personnel. In 1958-59, three sections of kindergarten were added and in 1962-63, the construction of three classrooms allowed the sixth grade to be moved to the elementary school campus, completing the kindergarten through grade six organization.

Two portable classrooms were built in 1967 and have become permanent structures. Further crowded conditions were relieved by the installation of mobile units.

Many changes occurred in the traditional curriculum and structure of the facility during the late sixties and early seventies. When the schools of the district were integrated the two Chipley elementary schools were combined and housed in the Kate M. Smith facility. The sixth grade was relocated in the newly organized middle school in the fall of 1968. The curriculum was reorganized into an individualized, continuous progress program which resulted in the school receiving the Little Red School house Award in 1972. A new kindergarten suite was completed during the 1977-78 school year and a new exceptional student education facility was constructed in 1986.

During 2003-04 the faculty and staff number 105. In the fall of 2006 the 5th grade transfered to Roulhac Middle School.  The school now hosts over one thousand Pre-K through 4 students on a sprawling campus encompassing an entire city block.   During the 2006-07 school year, the "school within a school" structure was implemented with administrative, guidance, instructional, and support staff organized with a Pre-K -2 and 3-4 focus.  All students benefit from enrichment, technology, and physical education curriculum.  The Health Clinic, Cafetorium and Library also supply common meeting areas.

Kate M. Smith Elementary School's history of effective programs may be attributed to the stability of the population, an active parent-teacher organization, and the support of the parents and community.  These factors have enhanced the continuous efforts of the faculty to strive for excellence in the educational program provided for the children of Washington County.