Chess Enrollment and Permission Information

Welcome to KMS Chess Club 2017-18

Dear parents and students,

It is my pleasure to invite your child to join the KMS Chess Club.  I am excited to see new and familiar faces.  Players will learn new skills and brush up on old ones as well as play with teammates.  

Below you will find some of the “need to knows” about chess club.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at  If your child joins the club you will also be able to contact me and keep up with your child’s progress through the Class DoJo app and the Remind app.  I will send more information later.

Meetings/Practices – The club is open to 30(thirty) 1st – 5th grade students per semester.  This is an after school club held on Mondays from 2:45-4:15 pm.  Transportation is not provided.  You will be responsible for picking your child up at 4:15.   

Tournaments – Club members will be expected to compete in two tournaments per semester.  One will be on-line and the other will be held on a Saturday.  Attendance to meetings and tournaments is very important.  Tournament dates:  December 9th and April 21st.  They will last approximately 9am – 3pm.  A parent or guardian must be at all games.  Bring snacks.

Club Fee will be $10 for members.  This will cover the cost for the online gold membership to for a year.   The cost for a club t-shirts is $10 (not mandatory).  Please have your child wear the shirt on tournament days and club meeting days. 

Improving my game – Practice is key in chess.  Students will have puzzles and games to practice at home.  Chess is very competitive at the tournaments and can be overwhelming for players at times.  To encourage fun, please discuss good sportsmanship and practice often at home.  If no one at homes plays, please allow your child to play on-line with class mates.  It is a secure website.

KMS Chess Club Member Registration


Member’s Name: ________________________________________          T-shirt size ___________

Teacher: ___________________________________                                  Grade _____________

Parent: ____________________________________                                  Phone: ______________________

Parent email: _________________________________________________________________________

____ I want to join for the 1st semester only (Aug. 28th – Dec. 11th)       

____ I want to join for the 2nd semester only (Jan. 8th – April 23rd)

____ I want to join for both semesters. (Aug. 28th – Apr. -23rd)

Parent signature required: ________________________________________________________________


If you know how to play chess and are willing to work with students, email me to discuss guidelines and schedule.