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         Noble Knights 

         Monday's Club 


      We start Monday, September 11th!!!!

           Roaring Rooks

         Wednesday's Club

                  W rookB rook

     We start Wednesday, September 13th!!!

Chess Tournament 21-22

It was very rewarding to watch the club members embrace the game of chess.  It is not the game for everyone.  I'm so proud of each one you hung in there to the end.

                    Blue Team            Green Team

3rd Place      Gage Dailey           Lyric Lemons

2ns Place      Evan Conway        Jackson Buchanan

1st Place       Ethan Waits          Jackson Brocious

                        Chess Champ 2022

                     Ethan Waits  3rd Grade

The rest of the club Members:

Aaliyah Bush                      Kyett Chaithaweep

Mayson Keitner                   Rowam McDaniel

Abigail Riley                        Benjamin Waits

Jude Clifton                         Hunter May

Carter Berry                        Dan Rochsuwannachai

Max Smith                           Parker Whidden

Chess Tournament Results 20-21

Purple Team                                               Red Team

1st Place      Luke Kincaid                      1st Place Jude Clifton

2nd Place     Evan Conway                     2nd Place Lyric Lemons

3rd Place      Caden McKinney               3rd Place  Sarah Jane Riley

                       Club Champion for 2021 - Luke Kincaid

Everyone played so good.  I am proud of each and everyone. 

Jackson Smith                  Jeremiah Bratcher 

Landon Conway               

Trey Sellers

Gerald Anderson

2023 Chess Club and Tournament

Chess Club 2023

Student who played all year and participated in the tournament.

2nd Graders                  3rd Graders                              4th  graders                          5th graders

Connor O’Brien              Marquis Lee                             Carter Berry                              Will Best

Chloe Berry                  Jase Glawson                            Jude Clifton                              Lyric Lemon

Lyla Scurlock                 Archer Rustin                           Jackson Brocious                      Evan Conway

Blakely Bush                 Cooper Williams                        Dan Rochsuwannachai             

Veronica Riley              Graeyson Hice                            Nikolai Yohn

Zooey McCrary             Kyett Chaithaweep                     Landon Conway

                                   Zaharre Staten                          Jackson Scurlock

                                   Dakota Mathis

                                    Kaiden Sikora

                                    Brycston Meredith


KMS Chess Tournament 2022-23

Roaring Tigers 15 Players

1st Place          Carter Berry

2nd Place         Kaiden Sikora

3rd Place          Landon Conway

Tiny Tigers 12 Players

1st Place          Connor O’Brien

2nd Place         Nikolai Yohn

3rd Place          Chloe Berry

Chess Champion for 2023

Carter Berry 4th grade

Runner up

Connor O’Brien 2nd grade

2021-2022 Chess Club

Chess Enrichment 23-24

Dear Parents,

It is time to register for KMS Chess.  I am excited to see new and familiar faces.  Players will learn new skills and brush up on old ones as well as play with teammates.  This year we will have two (2) groups one on Monday and one on Wednesday. Your child will only attend one (1) day of the week..

Below you will find some of the “need to knows” about chess.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].   If your child joins you will also be able to contact me and keep up with your child’s progress through the Remind App.  I plan to send you a “Remind” invite if your child is accepted with more information. Club meetings will begin Monday, September 11, 2023 and Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

Requirements:   Students will be expected to attend school regularly and have no behavior referrals.  The club is open to 20 (twenty) 2nd – 5th grade students. (20 for Monday and 20 for Wednesday)  The first to turn in the permissions forms will be selected.  This is an after school club. We meet on Mondays from 2:45-4:30 pm and on Wednesdays from 2:45 -4:30 pm.  Transportation is not provided.  You will be responsible for picking your child up at 4:30pm.   

Tournaments – Members will be expected to compete in a chess tournament.  Attendance to meetings and tournaments is very important.  Tournament dates will come later. 

Membership Fee will be $25 for members.  The money will cover the cost for a club t-shirts and gold membership on a secure online chess website.  Please have your child wear the t-shirt on meeting days to show support.  Parents will be asked to donate snacks.

Improving my gamePractice is key in chess.  Students will have puzzles and games to practice at home.  To encourage fun, please discuss good sportsmanship and practice often at home.  If no one at homes plays, please allow your child to play on-line with class mates.  We use a secure website called  I will register your child after he/she signs up.  Deadline to register is August 25, 2023.

KMS Chess Club Member Registration/Permission Form 2023-2024

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