5th Grade Spelling Bee Winners

1st place: Aubrey Deal

2nd Place: Kellyn Corbitt

3rd Place: Keira McClain

Alternate: Marlaina Register

Supply List

2 Packs of large post-it notes

2 Packs of small post-it notes

1 Pair of headphones or earbuds

2 Large boxes of tissues

1 Large pump bottle of Germ-X

1 Bottle of antibacterial hand soap

Heritage Festival

On Friday, September 27th, 5th grade will go to the Heritage Festival at Falling Waters State Park. They will explore history and interesting folklore of the south and our area.

Students will go with their Reading and Social Studies teacher either in the morning or in the afternoon depending on when they have Reading and Social

We are looking forward to this fun and educational trip and expect students to represent KMS well. With that being said, any student with referrals
and/or continued misbehaviors may be excluded from this trip. Parents would be contacted should this be the case.

We must have the permission slip and the PAEC medical release form for any child to
leave campus.