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Student Handbook

Volunteer Information

Contact an adminsitrator at KMS before submitting forms to ensure placement.

Volunteer Forms to be completed

KMS Volunteer Handbook

Electronic Visitor Sign In

Taking extra precautions to protect students against sexual predators. 

Click here for details.


Other Information and Forms

School Supply List - Students supplies will be provided by the district.  Backpacks are not included in the supply list.  However, if a student needs a backpack one will be provided.

PAEC Medical Forms

Student Accident Reporting Sheet

Dress Code Update

Click Dress Code for important changes.

Attendance Matters

Attendance Policy

The District addresses the Flu

August 2022

Date Title
8/24/22 After School Program begins September 7th

October 2021

Date Title
10/27/21 Students dropped off before 7:15 are UNSUPERVISED.

August 2018

Date Title
8/10/18 Back to school- Wednesday, August 10th