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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Officers  

Meleah Davis


Our mission is to promote and encourage communication between parents, teachers, administration, and the community. The PTO provides assistance to teachers within the classroom settings, raises funds for educational materials and experiences, advocates school and family social interaction, and provides an unbiased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.


•Promote closer connections between school and home by fostering parent involvement

•Enhance the educational experience for students by supporting and supplementing the needs of teachers to promote academic and enrichment activities.

•Promote and increase parent volunteerism and involvement.

Connect with the officers on KMS PTO Facebook Page.

Volunteer Information Form

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__________ I would like to be a part of the PTO.  My contact information is below.


Email: __________________________________

Phone number: _________________________________

My student at KMS is ______________________________ Teacher:_____________


Thank you.  We will contact when we schedule our next meeting.



Fundraisers and Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers and ideas for safe and fun fundraisers.